Sales & Marketing

Spend more time selling, less time dealing with PowerPoint

When your sales process requires presentation materials customized to a specific audience, current processes involve the painful approach of emailing multiple versions of PowerPoint documents between a large number of people.

SlideAware cuts through the pain of email attachments by allowing people to collaborate in real and non-real time around the presentation. People view the same slides in a combined way in a platform neutral browser, and can attach their individual or combined feedback to a published presentation.

Reuse, Reuse, Reuse

The customer acquisition process typically involves a large number of direct interactions (sales presentations, conference proceedings, etc.) which are high investment events: your sales and marketing departments typically spend a lot of time and effort building up their presentation materials for such events. SlideAware allows you to reuse these materials in a very effective way, both for internal enablement, as well as for new customer acquisition. Because SlideAware allows you to easily embed presentations inside web pages, you can use your important presentations to augment your on-line channels.

Keep your private data private

SlideAware’s unique architectural approach allows you to configure the system in such a way that you get the benefits of SlideAware from a Software as a Service point of view, and at the same time can leverage corporate file repositories to store sensitive content which can still be part of the SlideAware solution.